hi... this is my first post in this metalo saurus blog

i just want to write everything that i like.. everything that i love... 
i hope you can like my post too.
my first post is about my favourite guitarist..
he is the most insane guitarist in the world
 he's just like a boy
but he's totally frightening guitarist
he shocked the world in age 15 with his first performance on american guitar competition
he made the band " Racer X" with his instrumental songs such as Scarified, YRO, and many more
and then he formed  MR.BIG, wrote so many hits such as "nothing but love, to be with you," and many more...
and then he went on solo project and made many guitar clinics all over the world
he is famous for his lightning-speed picking, and made him as great guitar shredder
his guitar clinic is known as the most entertaining guitar clinic ever made.
he was teacher on Guitar Institute of Technology.
the latest news about him, is his reunion with his former band.. MR.BIG
i think it's a long awaited moment for his fan all over the world.
well.. keep your success mr.Paul!!!